In 2011 the Elias Foundation was proud to support the Westchester-serving community organizations below. We continued to fund core community-led organizations in Westchester County that are committed to the long-term pursuit of systemic change for social justice; short-term, small seed grants; as well as organizing training opportunities and program support for the community.


Black/Brown Dialogue

Yonkers, NY $5,000
This grant supports work to establish and sustain an alliance between African American and Latino neighbors in Yonkers.


Community Voices Heard

Yonkers, NY $50,000
This one time grant was general support for furnishing a new office in Yonkers.


Community Voices Heard

Yonkers, NY $25,000
This general support grant continued support for an outreach worker to organize residents of Yonkers' low-income housing projects to advocate for their unmet needs. Annual grant since 2004.



Grandpower Advocates / Family Service Society of Yonkers

Yonkers, NY $15,000
Support for this project began in 2005; Grandpower trains and supports older Yonkers residents, who are caring for their dependent grandchildren, to advocate for entitlement parity with non-relative caregivers.


Greyston Foundation

Yonkers, NY $5,000
This grant supports Greyston’s Community Gardens and Environmental Education Program in an endeavor to empower its members and local residents to gather and create strategies for community improvement.


Groundwork Hudson Valley

Yonkers, NY $25,000
This general operating grant supports Groundwork to continue existing community development activities and to expand community outreach and advocacy training. Elias has supported Groundwork since 2005.



Hispanic Resource Center

Mamaroneck, NY $10,000
A grant in support of the work through ATREVER, the women’s leadership institute and other community organizing plans. Elias has supported HRC since 2004.


Hudson Valley Community Coalition

Hudson Valley Area, NY $25,000
This general operating grant supports an organizing, outreach and advocacy organization dedicated to re-creating communities where immigrants’ contributions to the community are recognized and where they are fully represented in government. It includes $10,000 to support the creation of a director of community organizing position. Elias has supported HVCC since 2009.



Neighbors Link

Mount Kisco, NY $15,000
This general operations grant supports building critical paths to economic and social development for immigrant workers by teaching basic organizational skills, community building and empowerment. Elias has given an annual grant since 2007.



Neighbors Link / Building Blocks Program

Mount Kisco, NY $10,000
This grant supports a program promoting dialogue, respect and cooperation between immigrants and local police personnel in Mount Kisco. Elias has supported this program since 2009.



Neighbors Link / Police Sensitivity Training Program

Mount Kisco, NY $5,000
This grant supports a program fostering a higher level of understanding through diversity training of police in Mt Kisco.


Parent Leadership Institute / Ossining Union Free School District

Ossining, NY $25,000
This is the fifth year Elias has given a grant for the Parent Leadership Institute, an innovative program developed by the public school system, involving minority parents in the life of their children’s schools through service leadership and social justice organizing.


Steppin' Up Yonkers

Yonkers, NY $10,000
This grant continues support for a project to operate “Chat n’ Chew” luncheons, building partnerships among groups and individuals working on related problems that negatively affect progress in Yonkers’ communities leading to specific on-the-ground collaborative projects to address these issues.



A Black History Month Presentation/Steppin’ Up Yonkers/Open Door Church

Yonkers, NY $5,000
This grant supports a competition and weekly meetings for youth in Yonkers, to discuss the issues raised in the competition essays, organized by members of Steppin’ Up and Open Door Church.



Steppin’ Up Student Advocacy Project

Yonkers, NY $10,000
A new community-based grant to train a cadre of Yonkers parents in education rights and advocacy strategies so that they may act as advisors to local parents and support their advocacy on behalf of their children against abusive school discipline practices.


Westchester Children's Association, Inc.

Mount Vernon and White Plains, NY $15,000
This is the eighth year Elias has given a grant to this County-wide organization to support its mission to improve the lives of Westchester’s children by shaping policies and programs to meet their needs, and by keeping the well-being of Westchester’s children at the top of the public agenda.


Westchester Hispanic Coalition

White Plains, NY $15,000
This grant continues support for a community organizer to develop and implement grassroots advocacy networks and coordinate mobilization of Latino-serving agencies, volunteers and initiatives. Elias has supported WHC since 2006.


WESPAC Foundation

White Plains, NY $25,000
This is the seventh year Elias has given a general operating grant supporting WESPAC’s continuing growth and efforts to promote peace and justice activism locally.
2011 Program Support


Fundraising Training

Elias coordinated workshops and supported grantees and other Westchester activists to attend fundraising workshops and coaching sessions.


Scanning the Field

With the assistance of four local activists, Elias conducted a scan of social justice in Westchester to examine the field it funds as well as to assess critical gaps and needs. Through this research, we discovered strategic opportunities for community organizing and community-directed change.


Movement Building

Elias coordinated activist and funder meetings that are on-going, discussing strategy and next steps, with the goal of empowering those who are politically, economically and socially marginalized.


2011 Other Support


Community Design

Support to CVH, WESPAC, Steppin' Up, GrandPower and VCS Gaypride Rockland to cover the cost of printed materials that were developed by community design students at SUNY Purchase College. Elias has been supporting organizations taking part in this program since 2008.



Jacob Burns Film Center / Tribute to Steven Spielberg 10th Anniversary Gala

Pleasantville, NY $10,000

Rent-free Office and Community Room Sharing

Elias shares long-term office space with Neighbors Link and Aging in Place, and offers the newly furbished community room to organizations looking for event space in Pleasantville, NY.