Artist, Social Justice Leader and Founder

Cornell “Lord Judah” Carelock is the one-and-only professional Hip-hop teaching artist in Westchester New York. He has been working with the Westchester Martin Luther King Jr. Institute for Non-Violence since 2006, building bridges between youth, adults, and law enforcement. In 2017, he founded True He(ART) Academy, specially designed for artists, teachers, law enforcement and other community members to teach self-healing and resilience strategies using the arts as a catalyst. Lord Judah is on a mission to share heart with the world by engaging in creative humanitarian projects and collaborations. He credits his course training with Mindful Schools with enabling him to present his workshops in a more coherent teaching style. Besides working with innumerable arts agencies across Westchester, Lord Judah also directs a group called Highly Intelligent People Healing Our Planet, providing social justice presentations to youth and underserved communities.