Community Organizer & Activist

Callie Jayne's desire to fight for justice began in the 8th Grade, protesting against inequitable dress code policies. Callie went on to finish an undergraduate degree in business, overcoming the challenges of being a single mother who bounced from job-to-job for a period of time. While completing her Masters in Nonprofit Management, she interned at a human services organization, which later hired her full-time. She built capacity, increasing the number of families who were able to access food. She also increased individual giving and community engagement. But Callie’s success in providing emergency services also came with the realization that she wasn’t doing enough to change the existing systems of oppression. Her life, work and educational experiences led her to confront the institutionalized barriers that were preventing her and many others - from all walks of life - from achieving a quality standard of living. Her desire for change comes from the belief that all people deserve a basic standard of living, and if we could all come together and hear many differing perspectives, we can use our struggles to achieve collective greatness.