Spoken Word Artist, Activist and Philosopher. Ibrahim Asad Siddiq (aka P.O.E.T) is not your average spoken word artist, more so an activist and philosopher rooted in poetry. P.O.E.T is an acronym for Putting Out Eternal Thoughts. In addition to performing, he is the artistic director of a grassroots arts program known as The FREE ART Project, through which he facilitates workshops and hosts open mics and showcases throughout NYC and Westchester. He conducts workshops for incarcerated youth, working with various ATI programs in the Bronx and Westchester. Ibrahim recently founded Earth’s Pantry, a line of skin and hair care products made from organic plant-based ingredients. The proceeds of this company go towards funding his art program and hopes to build the company in order to expand his arts program, as well as sponsor similar programs around the world. He sees himself as a light for today’s youth to realize their potential.