Community Organizer, Writer, Artist & Activist

Jabin Ahmed is a community organizer, writer, artist and activist in Hudson, New York. She is a Muslim American woman of Bangladeshi descent who is passionate about creating spaces and communities that support and nourish diverse families and youth. She leads interfaith gatherings, speaks and educates the community on Islamophobia, racism and women's rights. Her work aims to create spaces for Muslim women to take on leadership roles in faith/community spaces and advocates for women to take charge of the issues that matter to them. She co-founded Hudson Muslim Youth, a project aimed at empowering young Muslims living in Hudson. Through the Raising Places project, she and 10 other community leaders focused on building family and child-friendly communities. Jabin is a strong supporter and ally of the Columbia County Sanctuary Movement. She also participated in a 2-year long project that resulted in the development of a mobile grocery truck that provides fresh organic locally produced foods to underserved communities. She serves on the board for Long Table Harvest, Hudson Area Library, and was a major supporter of WiseBodies a sexual empowerment and educational program aimed to heal, teach and nourish the sexual identities of young people and adults.